​​Jessica Wong / NYC

branding, designing, illustrating

always dreaming and a little sleeping

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Infographic Illustration

Peach & Lily

Mask Lab Graphics

The Peach & Lily Mask Lab was created as a crowd-sourced initiative, designed to gather information from Peach & Lily's customer base in order to formulate and develop its first set of products– sheet masks. I created this graphic system to communicate each step of the production process.

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Photography + Post Production Editing

Peach Slices Instagram Photography + Graphics

With the launch of Peach Slices as a brand – an instagram account was necessary to create a distinctive identity from it's sister brand, Peach & Lily. The use of whimsical graphics and saturated colors to showcase product was the primary method of creation for all account assets.

Photography + Marketing

Peach & Lily

Marketing Materials

While working at Peach & Lily, my short-term projects consisted of creating various digital assets across many platforms– ranging from instagram, our homepage promotional banners, email newsletter, and more. 

Illustration + Painting

When creativity strikes...

A few personal pieces made on a rainy day or when I was just in the mood to create.

Doodles too.

Branding + Packaging

Peach & Lily

Namesake Collection

After years of development and vetting, Peach & Lily launched their first namesake product line. With emphasis on clean ingredients, luxurious textures, and, an accessible price point, our goal was to develop fresh, recognizable packaging. With these first 8 products we were tasked to create a statement as to what the Peach & Lily private label stood for and maintain individuality from the brands we separately curate.



I was invited to do two contributions on UNDO ORDINARY's 8th edition – all about sleep.

Peach & Lily

Large Format

Booth Graphics

These large-format illustrations were created as photo back-drops for the Peach & Lily booth at Generation Beauty New York. 

Illustration + Large-Format Graphics
Campaign Design

Peach & Lily

Best of K-Beauty Awards

The Best of K-Beauty Awards is a campaign to highlight and promote Peach & Lily's most beloved products – all chosen by its community members.

Creative Direction + Packaging

Peach Slices Packaging

Clever and fun-loving, Peach Slices takes a lighthearted approach to Asian Beauty. As the younger, more relaxed version of Peach & Lily, I was challenged to create packaging that would be both efficacious, and playful. 

Branding + Web Design

Peach Slices Microsite

Peach Slices is the proposed younger-sister brand of Korean skincare brand, Peach & Lily. After months of vetting Korean beauty products as well as formulating our own, I was tasked to design a micro-site drastically different from peachandlily.com where our customers could shop our products and learn more about our new brand.

Opening Ceremony +

Peach & Lily


In celebration of Peach & Lily's first product line, I created invitations and shot photography for their collaboration event with Opening Ceremony.

Campaign Design
Campaign Design

Holiday 2018


For the holiday season, I was tasked with creating assets for Peach & Lily's busiest times of the year– Black Friday and Winter sales. I focused on creating various festive graphics and promotions such as an advent calendar, daily product highlights, and more.