Infographic Illustration

The Peach & Lily Mask Lab was created as a crowd-sourced initiative, designed to gather information from Peach & Lily's customer base in order to formulate and develop its first set of products– sheet masks. I created this graphic system to communicate each step of the production process.

Peach & Lily

Mask Lab Graphics

1. Research Survey

The process of creating Peach & Lily's first sheet mask line, and to create excitement for the first branded products was encouraging our customers to give feedback on their ideal mask.

2. Research and production in Seoul

Next, the company spoke to different manufacturers in South Korea in order to find the best lab and formulations that filled Peach & Lily's strict guidelines.

3. Formulation and testing

The most lengthy part of the process was testing different formulations and mask materials and how it reacted with various skin types. 

4. Bringing the masks to our customers

Lastly, our 3 favorite sheet masks went into production and were brought to the states – made available for our customers to buy after 18 months development.