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Peach Slices Microsite

Peach Slices is the proposed younger-sister brand of Korean skincare brand, Peach & Lily. After months of vetting Korean beauty products as well as formulating our own, I was tasked to design a micro-site drastically different aesthetically, but not structurally– from where our customers could shop our products and learn more about our new brand.

Animated Introduction Page
Peach Slices Product Page
Branding + Web Design
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To further accentuate the best attributes of the various Peach Slices collection, I created icons to show up on each page that could describe the products benefits and selling-points.

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In order to follow the same structure as Peach & Lily's product page, yet maintain the look and feel of Peach Slices, I integrated unique icons and a more relaxed feel with softer lines. This enabled a more seamless transition from old to new product pages. 

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Brand Page
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