Creative Direction + Packaging

Peach Slices Packaging

As the younger, more relaxed version of Peach & Lily, I was challenged to create packaging that would be both efficacious, and playful. 

Beary Lip Balms

Instructed to create something irresistibly cute, I immediately thought to create an animal shape. I wanted for these lip balms to look both whimsical and approachable with a minimal design– also aiding in an asian stylization of animals. The production of these fruit-scented lip balms involved learning aspects of 3d design, injection molding, and more. 

Sheet Masks + Lip Mask

I was inspired by the fluid lines of traditional Eastern design and integrated more traditionally Western structure and clean lines. Knowing that this had to stand out on shelves as well as look trustworthy, I mixed saturated hues with muted pastels for a dreamy, potion-like effect.

Hand Creams + Lip Balm

With the holiday season and stocking stuffers in mind, the next addition of Peach Slices products still included soft blob-like shapes with the addition of icons to add a sense of novelty and ingredient focus. 

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