Who am I?

Why I do, what I do

My goal in life is to contribute to this

world by creating things that are beautiful,

helpful, and effective. 

I've always found value in balancing pragmatism and joy– starkness and color, seriousness and playfulness. I embrace the dichotomy of being analytical and creative that I have identified in myself, and it has made me a better designer and person. 

greenflowerArtboard 13.jpg

The fun part

I have a love/hate relationship with sleep. Drawing faces on inanimate objects is a past-time of mine and I have irrational pride in my hometown Boston.

In my free time, I spend far too much time photographing (then eating) food, and travel with my stuffed animals and take photos of them all over the world.

If my airpods are in, chances are I'm listening to bubblegum pop or a true-crime podcast.

The serious stuff

Jessica Wong is a Manhattan based designer specializing in branding, packaging, art direction, social media, and marketing.

With a fast-tracked freelance to full-time career, she's a team player with a self-starting, and self-managing attitude. She prides herself on being detail-oriented and organized while being flexible enough to handle whatever comes. 

Jessica worked as a branding, packaging, and home product designer. This includes communicating with external and internal marketing teams, maintaining relationships with partners, as well as executing and understanding the in-house and external branding styles and guidelines. 

She has additionally worked in collaboration with numerous external brands such as Starbucks, Macy's, CVS Pharmacy, Barney's NYC. This ranged from Digital promotions, in-store environmental graphics, promotional goods, and more.

Jessica's hunger for knowledge, curiosity and experience in merging aesthetics, marketing, and branding have allowed her to become a designer, marketer, and all-in-one creative team.